The Left’s Most Popular Story Last Week Was Just BUSTED As Fake News…

2016 was the year the mainstream media ran out of things to say, so they made up their own stories to fit their narratives to insult the right wing agenda. Then the left wing news outlets suggested that the right wing news sites were actually doing the fake news.

Nope. It’s the leftists. They twist and turn every little story so it fits their agenda or is racist enough to get ratings. Ever notice that the left wing news sites ALWAYS mention the color of someone’s skin when it’s a crime story that involves a cop?

Left wing mainstream media will always say “BLACK MAN SHOT BY WHITE COP” instead of saying “criminal shot by cop.” Mainstream media does this to piss people off and stir the racism pot.

And now we have the Washington Post blowing a huge story claiming that Russia hacked a Vermont power grid, but there’s literally zero evidence.  It’s nothing but speculation and conspiracy ideas swirling around because it fits the leftist narrative to blame Russia for everything from burnt toast to losing the 2016 election.

And let’s not forget – there’s no evidence of a Russian hack because the article was completely FAKE.

A computer was found to have malware on it, but it was not connected to the grid. Not only that, but a computer can get malware on it without it being hacked. Go to a sketchy website and sometimes that happens.


Powerline Blog reports – The Washington Post trumpeted a story that initially was headlined “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont.” The story was obviously intended to contribute to the “election hacking” hysteria that the Democrats have ginned up, arising from the intrusion by persons unknown into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s email account. But the Post blew the story: it turned out that malware was found on a laptop owned by Burlington Electric that was not connected to the grid at all.

Maybe next time they should get their facts straight instead of click-baiting an audience so they get clicks and tricking them into reading something that’s fake.

Washington Post has posted an editors note to make the correction.

Thanks for nothing, right?

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