LEGAL IMMIGRANT DESTROYS Racist Hillary Supporters: “Liberals Are Desperate Because They Know They’re Gonna Lose”

There was a Donald Trump rally in West Palm Beach, Florida this past week on October 13th, 2016. Reporters from 100% Fed Up went and wrote on the event. It was one of Trump’s most diverse crowds they had ever seen for a Republican candidate.

One man posted a video on YouTube of his opinions on Donald Trump when he attended the rally. He is most importantly a legal immigrant who did not commit crimes in order to come to our country. In his video he articulately expresses why he is supporting and voting for Donald Trump. He talks about how he previously voted for President Obama in the previous Presidential elections but how his mind had changed now.

Moreover, he discusses how he has had to deal with racist Hillary Clinton supporters and their profiling of minority voters. Which is the antithesis of the so called message of tolerance, acceptance and openness that her campaign purports to support.

Watch the video here,

It is always refreshing to see someone who is a minority speak out for their support of a Republican candidate. What most people do not like to discuss is how many republican minorities are ostracized and discriminated against for being conservative. Against the very democrats who claim they are open, tolerant, and accepting. They are instead labeled Uncle Toms and dismissed as having trivial opinions that do not matter.

Democrat’s always hat it when they cannot put minorities in a box and control them. Because when they can not control them they can not get their vote and that is what they hate most. They enjoy keeping people ignorant to the truth and then get enraged when people finally see the light.

Which is why come November all of America and its minorities included will show the world who they really want for president. And it certainly will not be Hillary Clinton.

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