Americans of all stripes reacted with outrage over ‘Emperor’ Obama’s unlawful usurpation of Congressional power, in announcing his executive order amnesty for over 5 million illegal aliens.

Obama’s message was: if you got here, you belong here, and it doesn’t matter how many laws you broke to get here. I’ll make you an “American,” and you can work and get ObamaCare and welfare to your heart’s content.

This is outrageous to all law-abiding citizens, but is a special affront to the millions of newly-minted Americans who came here LEGALLY. They spent thousands of dollars on lawyers and fees, and waited years, sometimes decades, to come here the RIGHT way. And Obama just made them out to be chumps, for pure racial politics.

One such immigrant, who calls herself SuperLEGALImmigrant on Twitter, went on an epic rant against Obama live, as he spoke last night, completely shredding his faulty reasoning.

Check it out:



She then points out some inconvenient truths about our existing laws which allow in 1 million LEGAL immigrants every year – more than every other nation in the world combined — as well as our existing H1A migrant worker visa for agriculture.


You can feel her outrage, as Obama got to the point in his speech about not “separating” the “families” of lawbreakers, who knew damn well they were and are breaking our laws:


Lastly, she completely exposes Obama for his sterotyped comment that would have gotten ANY Republican skewered by the media as a racist:


This legal immigrant said it all. I am so proud she is an American, and I share her outrage against this arrogant would-be dictator.

But I am NOT proud of the woman we profiled last night, an illegal alien with 7 children who has been collecting welfare for 20 years, and hasn’t worked a single day in 17 years.

One did it the right way. The other broke our laws, milked the taxpayers, is proud of it, and urges other illegals to milk them too.

According to Obama, they are equally worthy of staying here. It is disgraceful and un-American, and that’s why this amnesty must be stopped.


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