LEGAL Immigrants Come Out In FULL FORCE To Back TRUMP- Wont See This On CNN (VIDEO)

“I have just landed having returned from a very important and special meeting with the President of Mexico – a man I like and respect very much, and a man who truly loves his country. Just like I am a man who loves the United States.” -Donald Trump

There is a lot to be said about looking into the past of those who are in the running to become our leaders. From the very moment that Trump threw his hat in to run for President, he has been pinned as a racist.

Racist for wanting to build a wall that actually defines our border and keeps out criminals and illegal immigrants. Racist for wanting to put a hold on the take-in of refugees until we can heighten our vetting system to the level that is due for Americans to be safer. Racist, for being a rich, white man…regardless of his actions that prove he is not racist.

This is the world we live in now. Some fool opens up their mouth about who you are, and the media of Obama’s America follows suit to make it last for as long as they need it to, to benefit…. whatever puppet master they report to.

However, those with even an ounce of intuition and good common sense can see very well that Trump is not a racist. He has given unlimited opportunity to people. He’s provided jobs that came with great titles to people that didn’t reach the “educational” standard for the job. However, he saw in them a good work ethic, and God given talent for the position and he knew that was the type of person he wanted for the job. It wasn’t always the person who had the means and the time to get the paper degree, and it had nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with ability, skill, and work ethic.

Trump isn’t racist, he just wants organization to be created, laws to be abide by and the American people to be safe. That does not mean he is careless to those that are seeking asylum. It means his priority is America, and once America is in a place to help others, that is what America will do. Gladly.

The saying… you cannot help another until you help yourself exists with very good reason!

How can America assist those that are flowing into our country when chaos abounds? We cannot. There is NO possible way to do so, until we get ourselves organized, and strengthened enough to provide.

This is what Trump’s plan is. This is why he is calling for a wall, and a strong look at what needs to be done with immigration.

Those who are lucky to still posses “common sense” even after 8 years of Obama at the helm… can see this. Even LEGAL immigrants can understand this. They understand this so well in fact that they are out there cheering him on and standing for what they know to be true about him. He is not racist, and he has only the best of intentions for America, because he loves America.

That is far more than you can say for Hillary. Whom…if you look at her past, has done nothing to show she isn’t racist, and everything to show she is.

By their fruits….

Here is a look at what some of Trump’s supporters are saying, those that are legal immigrants. They understand him, and they wants him for President because of it.

Witness legal immigrants speak a whole lot of truth, and making a whole lot of sense with it!

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