Lego Just Sent DISGUSTING Message About Trump With What Nasty New Toy Does To Him -BOYCOTT Now!

Lego just shot themselves in the knee with an arrow. It might just be a flesh wound, but this burn might cost them a few dollars in the long run. They might think their little stunt was funny now, but when they see how bad the reaction is from the extremely loyal voters, then they’ll be living in a state of regret when their sales numbers tank.

A toy loved by many children, and hated by parents when they step on them in bare feet, has just become a total tossup. Do I continue buying Lego products, or do I find another toy that’s similar and doesn’t hurt as much when I trample on a box of 500 pieces spilled on the floor?

Here’s the video showing the Lego display of the White House with President Donald Trump in handcuffs.

Twitter member Skolanch posted the video, but we’re not sure where it originated from as it has been uploaded onto many accounts across social media. Whoever took the video was kind enough to zoom in on the miniature President with Trump Hair and fancy handcuffs.

Twitter user, Pinoshade, asks if Lego approves of that message and it doesn’t seem like Lego responded. If they do, it might be some generic speech that everyone says when they’re in the midst of a controversial marketing scheme or something stupid.

Twitter user, RubySayzz, is ready to boycott the Lego company. There might be thousands of other people ready to boycott with her. Consumers speak with their wallet and they’re not afraid to stop buying something if they dislike the company. Make a loyal customer mad and they’ll be a company’s worst nightmare as the customer walks right over to the competitor and spends money on their products instead. If Lego wants to lose a few buyers, then this was certainly a way to do it. And let’s face it – Republican voters probably have more money. Not trying to be mean, but when many of the Democrat voters are poor people, illegal immigrants, or folks who were in World War I, then there probably isn’t much money going around in that population.

We have to wonder why Lego would put Trump in handcuffs on their White House display found in a shopping mall. What was the purpose for that? Did the company do it because they knew it would go viral? If so, that’s great marketing and a page out of Trump’s book. If they did it to make a political point and show people where they stand, then that’s a horrible point for a company like that to make. A company that sells toys, which are not political, should always remain neutral in hopes to reign in sales from everyone. When a company like Lego takes a risk like that, then they could possibly lose customers. On the other hand, they might increase sales enough with the people who agree with them, thus offsetting any boycott that comes their way.

Is it worth the risk? Perhaps. If the company is well off and can take a loss here or there, then why not. But is it worth the risk if the boycott lasts a long time? Then no. A market analysis would need to be done by professionals who can better assess the risk and chance of gains or losses.

Will I buy a Lego product today or will I buy something completely similar? Tough call. I don’t believe in full boycotts because sometimes I like a product and don’t care what other people think in terms of their political views. If someone dislikes my people, then good for them. That is THEIR LOSS.

I’m a consumer who looks at the bigger picture. Will one little stunt turn me off from buying a product? Not really. If Lego keeps doing it, then they can kiss their sales BYE BYE!

Anytime a company does something as a one-off for a joke, or it’s not really that bad, then we can pass it off as bad joke and let it go.

If Lego starts talking trash on Trump on a daily or weekly basis, then no thanks. I don’t need that negativity in my life. I want my product companies to remain neutral in terms of politics and just focus on making their product worth buying.

Lego needs to pull their toys out of their backside and fix this stupidity of theirs.

Lego has one chance to Make Lego Great Again or face boycott from thousands of EX customers!

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