Lesbian Files Lawsuit After She Wasn’t Happy With Sperm Bank—Judge Responds With Brutal Ruling

Well, well, well… another day, another trigger. Jennifer Cramblett, as many lebians don’t, didn’t want a man in her life, however…still want to be a Mother. So of course she set out to a Sperm Bank to make her dreams of being pregnant come true.lezbolez

It just so happened however, that the sperm bank she visited in Uniontown, Ohio made a mistake. Well, not a mistake, but a GLARING ERROR…that was only found out 9 months later when she gave birth a very cute baby girl.
A baby girl of mixed-race. For some reason this bothered Cramblett to no end, and with her daughter in tow she sued the sperm bank. Only to find out that her case was thrown out of court.

Apparently, it was Cramblett’s dream to raise a Caucasian child that looked like her and her partner, she wanted blonde hair and blue eyes. Like ordering a burger…

So just like someone who wants a burger with extra cheese and onions, Cramblett and her partner ordered a sperm of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man. Apparently, they didn’t need a man to be Mothers…but surprise surprise, yes they did. A blonde hair, blue-eyed one to be exact…except, it wasn’t.

So when beautiful Peyton was born she did not have blonde hair or blue eyes. She was very obviously a mixed raced baby girl. The sperm bank had mistakenly picked the sperm of a black man instead.

Among Cramblett’s many nonsensical complaints she stated that now she would have to move to a community of people that were more diverse than the town she live in, in order to address Peyton’s needs.

Peyton’s needs? What about her need for a Father? Or maybe at the very least Mothers that didn’t see her skin color as a problematic issue that requires special care and more than just the love of parents….or an opportunity to make money in a case against the sperm bank?

So they sued for wrongful birth. However the Judge stated that they cannot claim wrongful birth because Peyton was born healthy. They were told that if they wanted to they could re-file under a negligence claim instead.

These women are awful humans. Not only that but awful lesbians too…aren’t members of the LGBTQ community always preaching to the rest of us about tolerance and acceptance?

These two can’t even accept their own child!

One day Peyton will grow up and learn that her Mothers thought she was a wrongful birth….

I’d like to see how they explain that one to her.

God bless Peyton.

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