LETS REJOICE! Trump Just Landed one of the BEST Military Endorsements IN THE WORLD!!

It’s clear who those in our armed forces want to be Commander in Chief. Those in the armed forces have always leaned conservative, and this election is no different.

He’s good at showing it too. Who could forget when Trump was accused of being a birther, and he held a press conference to address the claims. The “conference” amounted to nothing more than an impressive array of generals giving their endorsements to Trump, before The Donald concluded the event by stating that he’s not a birther – and that it was Hillary who started those rumors.

So many in the armed forces are endorsing Trump that it’s not even limited to those in the American armed forces.

As Liberty Writers News reported:

Legendary British general Army Lord Richards has stepped forward, and he is not just excited about Donald Trump, he thinks Trump is EXACTLY who the world needs right now!

You see, Army Lord Richards has a few key areas where he REALLY disagrees with Hillary Clinton…

  • The Islamic State is the biggest threat to Democracy, not Russia

  • We SHOULD be working with Putin to defeat ISIS and radical Islam

  • Hillary Clinton’s “no-fly zone” in Syria is the biggest potential starter of WW3 in existence

  • The ONLY way to beat ISIS is to work with Syria and deal with them after, not continue arming more militant groups

So, to give you the short and skinny of it, Lord Richards finds that Hillary Clinton is the BIGGEST threat to the security of the entire world.

A vote for Trump is a vote for peace, and a vote for Hillary is a vote for World War III.

That’s not being dramatic – that’s based off of what Hillary herself has told us. She questions Trump’s temperament, but what does he do when he’s enraged? Send out a nasty tweet?

That’s quite the difference from Hillary Clinton, who is threatening war with Russia over unproven accusations that hackers from Russia exposed her. I’d rather have the guy who takes out his frustration on Twitter, not innocent people, as President.


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