BRUTAL Letter To President Obama From Louisiana Flood Victim

The devastating Louisiana flooding has decimated houses and lives all throughout the effected region. Videos and pictures have gone viral showing many trying to escape via canoes and motor boats while their homes are almost completely covered in water. The American public has noted the absence of President Obama. He remains on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana is ravaged. Not one word, not one public statement. His actions are enraging people, and justifiably so.

A video of conservative film maker Dennis Michael Lynch shows Lynch chastising the President for his poor choice to remain on vacation while these Southerners struggle to live. A viewer from Ascension Parish in Louisiana sent a letter in response to Lynch’s video.

The letter reads,

“Mr. Lynch, I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, I just watched your video on Facebook. You are saying what we have been saying in Ascension and all of South Louisiana from the start of this ordeal.

We are outraged, though not surprised, by the indifference and lack of moral fiber that Obama has shown. That being said, you don’t see us on the TV crying for the governments help. Here, we help ourselves and help each other. Here we take pride in being there for each other in good times and in bad.

I have shared your post and hopefully it will be seen by all. Thank you for helping put this in the nations attention. We are Louisiana Strong and we will as in every other instance over come this adversity. Sincerely, Guy R. Ware.”

Watch below,

It is completely understandable why people are upset. When Hurricane Katrina happened President Bush went down to New Orleans to be with the people of Louisiana the same way he did in New York during 9/11. Because that is what President’s do. Their job is to bring Americans together and not divide them during times of adversity and struggle.

While President Bush was able to do that, President Obama shows his fundamental lack of moral and patriotic character by purposefully remaining absent and playing golf during this tumultuous time. His behavior is certainly being noticed by people such as the one who wrote this letter. President Obama’s behavior is embarrassing in light of recent events.

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