Letter Written by Fallen Officer Randolph Holder on Why He Became a Cop Puts the Critics to Shame


From IJReview: On October 20th, New York police officer Randolph Holder became the city’s fourth police officer to be killed in the line of duty in the past 10 months, the Wall Street Journal reports. As thousands gathered to honor the fallen hero at his memorial service Wednesday – including law enforcement from as far away as California – NBC New York reports that NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton delivered Holder’s eulogy. In a stirring tribute to Holder’s selfless nature, Bratton read from a letter that the officer had written upon his entry to the NYPD five years ago, one required of all new recruits.  

In a voice cracking with emotion, Commissioner Bratton read:


“My name is Randolph Holder, born March 19, 1982 in Georgetown, Guyana. Growing up, all I wanted to do was make a difference in my community and become a role model.”

Both Holder’s father and grandfather have served as police officers in their native Guyana.


The letter continues:


“In November of 2002, I migrated to the United States of America to live with my father. My first real job was working as a security officer. Most of the managers were retired NYPD officers and they always talked a lot about how they changed their communities.

That’s when I decided I could be a role model and make a difference in my community and in New York.”

Holder and his parter were responding to reports of shots fired in East Harlem last Tuesday night. He was killed when the suspect, a bike thief, fired upon the officers with a .40 caliber handgun.


His letter finishes:


“In December 2010, I will graduate from the NYPD Academy to become a police officer in the greatest police department in the world.”

The 33-year-old was engaged to be married.


Bratton announced that Holder would be posthumously promoted to detective, something that had always ranked among the slain officer’s highest goals as a cop. The commissioner presented Holder’s father with the detective’s shield, inscribed with the number 9657.

It was the same badge number assigned to Holder’s father during his service as a police officer in Guyana.

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