LIAR: Black Firefighter Cries ‘Racism, Police Bullying’, Cop’s Body-Cam Proves Him Wrong


From Clash Daily: Make sure you watch both videos! See how the two videos give two different stories. Someone call Al Sharpton quickly before he gets the pitchforks out.

With the nation a racial tinderbox in the wake of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s shooting death by a white police officer, a California firefighter threw out what could have been an incendiary spark by accusing a cop of treating him differently because he’s black.

Little did Oakland firefighter Keith Jones know that the officer was wearing a body-cam video recorder when their tense encounter unfolded. And the video didn’t quite match the complaint Jones filed with the Oakland Police Department.

The encounter began last month when Jones and his sons, aged 9 and 12, were leaving a Oakland Raiders football game and walked past an open bay door at a nearby fire station,according to the CBS affiliate, KPIX5.

Watch the story Jones first told the local news and how they portrayed him and his kids as victims:



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