Lib Media Posts SICK Private Pic Of Airport Terrorist Without Realizing What Else Is In It

On Friday a shooter killed four to five people and injured several others at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. The shooter has been identified as Esteban Santiago. Born in 1990 he was originally from New Jersey. Previously, he had grown up in Puerto Rico but was living in Alaska within walking distance of their only mosque.

The mainstream media had posted the photograph of him on their outlets. They did not however mention that the assailant was wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. The garment was made famous by infamous Palestinian terrorist Yassar Arafat.

Santiago is also holding his finger in a common way that ISIS fighters do too. Reports also indicate that back in November he identified himself as ISIS to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Back in 2007 reporters found that he discussed Islamic terrorism on a blog forum. His email address in the criminal report was [email protected]

The same username popped up on an explosives and weapons forum back in 2007. The forum was about downloading radical Islamic terrorism videos. One of the images provided by the conservative media show he attempted to download radical Islamic jihadist propaganda online.

lauderdale-1 lauderdale-2 naotaemail

President Obama’s administration has utterly failed at keeping us safe. This is yet another gun violence rampage that a mentally disturbed terrorist has taken. The others being in Orlando, Florida and San Bernardino, California just to name a few. That is not even mentioning the numerous others in the south that has taken place or the Boston Marathon bombing.

What happened in Florida is yet another tragedy that could have been avoided had the Obama administration carefully vetted this man when he was under FBI investigation. Now people are dead because of it. Worse off, the mainstream media posted these pictures for the world to see. Which not only glorifies the killer but pours salt into the wound of the families of the victims. Under the incoming Trump administration this would never happen with his new and more conservative immigration policy he is going to implement.

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