Liberal Terrifies Helpless Cashier With What She Does In Front Of Her As Onlooker Records

This Hillary supporter probably has good intentions. She thinks she’s tolerant. She thinks she’s compassionate. She thinks she knows what would make a better world. But with her long rant holding up a line in a coffee shop she demonstrated the ignorance and racism dwelling inside her. Set aside the fact that she sounds like a raving lunatic and actually listen to what she’s saying. She’s so drowning in her misconceptions about black people, about what is ‘poor’ and what a ‘poor’ person deals with and even Muslims that she proves right away she’s a true blue through and through Hillary Clinton supporter. And the Trump supporters in line just stand there speechless at the idiocy of the entire tantrum.

She tells the Barista that “I voted for Clinton, not that that’s important. I would never tell you who to vote for. But obviously, you had to vote for Clinton too.” The ‘obviously’ part seems to be about the Barista being black. “I don’t know you personally but you are just such an incredible human. I want everything for you. [turns to the other standing around] Don’t you don’t think she deserves free access to affordable healthcare?” She made an assumption that this lady couldn’t get healthcare. She made an assumption that this lady didn’t like her job as a Barista. She made an assumption that this lady wasn’t able to pursue her own dreams without Hillary Clinton as President. Those assumptions tell a person that they are a complete loser without someone else to give them success or give them their own dreams. As if America is an impossible place to have a dream and achieve it against all odds.

Now… if you still want to watch this appalling and embarrassing rant about Hillary Clinton, here it is, but be prepared for a lot of head shaking:

American’s have been achieving their personal dreams for hundreds of years without a hand-up or a handout. That’s what makes America great. People of any gender, race or station in life CAN get whatever they want out of life if they apply their sweat and tears to the project. I personally know this for myself as a single mom. So I watch this video from a perspective that this ranting woman thinks this female Barista can’t, just can’t. I am deeply offended by her passionate belief that this woman can’t. I knew people who thought I couldn’t but I did anyway. I didn’t receive the help from any government institution but from God giving me the courage to push forward anyways. Hillary Clinton supporters have a sick and twisted belief that everyone is incapable. Because… they’re a woman, because they’re black, because they’re gay… as if those things make them handicapped in some way.

I am so proud to have President Trump picking up the banner of the American dream which says that we are all FREE to pursue whatever we want and can achieve if we indeed pursue it. America needs a leader who encourages individual achievement, even if that means kicking a bunch of basement dwelling kids off the dole. It will be so good for them to stop hearing government telling them that they can’t but instead telling them that they can, should and must if they want to thrive. Bringing back our personal humanity and drive to achieve will be what makes America great again.

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A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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