Liberal Loses Her Mind When She Sees What’s On Display In Store, Badass Patriot Sets Her Straight

This video is sure to provide a good laugh as it contains a store employee and a consumer squaring off in regards to something that was hanging from the store’s rug display area.

What was it? Well a big ol’ confederate flag rug of course. It looked to be at least 12 feet tall which is perfect for any American double-wide trailer if you’re living it up down south. The woman in the video was offended by a rug. That’s right folks, she was upset that a store would ever think to sell a confederate flag rug. Maybe we can all buy one and set it under the dining room table. Perhaps we take turns inviting this woman over for dinner on Sundays.

If I walked by a Black Panthers rug in a store, then I could literally care less. You can sell whatever you want in your store. It’s not my store, it’s yours. If you want to sell items that people find offensive, because they’re weak minded liberals, then go ahead. I could literally care less about what someone sells in their own stores. It’s not my store, I just shop there. Sell what you want and keep pumping out jobs for hard working Americans.

Let’s watch the hilarity ensue.

Protesters are planning to picket a Southeast Portland grocery on Thursday after a woman recorded a confrontation with employees over Confederate flag imagery for sale at the store.

If people arrive to protest a store for selling a rug that had the Confederate Flag on it, then that would be fairly funny. It would be a great place for the to all fill out job applications and maybe save up enough to move out of their parents’ basements. I’m sure their parents are embarrassed and tired of the bum kids leeching out of the fridge and begging for faster Internet.

“I think it’s our duty to stand up when things are wrong, regardless if they’re going to respond the way I want them to. I’m not going to not say something,” said Heather Franklin, whose video has gone viral on Facebook.

But, dear liberal democrat turd – you’re the one who’s wrong. You can’t tell someone what to sell in their store. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean that other people dislike it with you. In fact, I think more people dislike the woman complaining than they dislike the Confederate Flag. Some people probably don’t like the Confederate Fl

The video, posted Wednesday morning, shows Franklin asking an employee at Everyday Deals Extreme Liquidators about a Confederate flag rug on a rack at the store.

“So you don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” she asks a store employee.

He responds by saying, “How is that a hate flag?”

In the video, Franklin was cursed at, and a different man is seen flipping off the camera.

Cry me a river lady. This is a perfect example of someone walking around with their nose in the air looking for trouble, trying to get some attention because maybe they’re not getting any at home. And yes, I mean that exactly how you think I mean it. This is the type of woman that most men can’t stand. She’s not a strong, bold, fierce woman. She’s an annoying crybaby. She’s the type of girl who most guys roll their eyes so far back in their head they can see their own ass and pray to baby Jesus that they’re not ever cursed badly enough to fall for a woman like this. I sense a train-wreck from a mile away and this lady is heading full speed into the libtard hall of fame.

“People complain about all kinds of things. You can complain about the music in the store or the lights in the store, you wouldn’t expect people to attack you. But complaining about a symbol of hate in a store, the response is anger toward that person for even bringing it up,” said Franklin.

Woah. What kind of horrible lady is this? Who has EVER complained about the music or lights in a store? Seriously, folks, we have a weapons grade dingbat on our hands. Most of the time I don’t even notice the music in the stores. The only time I’ve ever noticed lights in a store is when I went to Target once and the aisle lit up as I walked through. I thought I was a Greek God for a moment, but then I remember I was just there for the pineapple Greek Yogurt. Notice I didn’t say pineapple pizza.

Have you ever complained about the music or lights in a store? What kind of drugs might this woman be possibly buying? This is the best I’ve ever seen someone handle bath salts.

Another video shows both men following Franklin outside the store to her car.

“It was very frightening. They were being very aggressive. Once I started my camera, they backed off a little bit, but I really believe that they would have assaulted me and the children if I hadn’t brought out my camera and started screaming for people in the parking lot to intervene,” Franklin said.

This is complete nonsense. They were not going to beat you up. You’re a buffoon, lady. This is a prime example of an attention seeking dope doing whatever she can to make a scene and get some attention.

I feel sorry for the father of her kids. He’s either the worlds biggest cuck or the world’s biggest beta male. I’m thinking he made two kids and turned into a transgender, wears her clothes, and sips decaf tea while necking with other men in dresses. Complete disaster with a high rate of suicide. Poor kids had a wench mother and weak father. Put them up for adoption now so they have a chance to survive life without being a brainwashed liberal.

Can you imagine those kids in school? Hopefully they’re nothing like their mother. At least the Dad isn’t on video being embarrassing. Although maybe one day I’ll see him walking in the women’s room next time I do my Greek Yogurt God impression at Target.

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