Liberal ‘Expert’ Explains Why All White People Voting Trump Are Just Anxious Racists (Video)

On a recent CNN segment liberal activists urged the public that support for Trump is inherently founded in racism. So if you’re a Donald Trump supporter then you must be racist.

Reporter Brian Stelter referenced Jamelle Bouie of the Slate when Bouie said, “among white voters, higher levels of racial resentment have been shown to be associated with greater support for Trump.” The idea being that President Obama’s “black America” is what helped to create Donald Trump’s success.

Steller argues that Trump is appealing to white people who want to regain superiority in a multicultural nation that is more and more ethnically diverse.

He begins talking with Tim Wise, a liberal “expert” who argues their is a connection between racial and economic anxiety. “If the only reason for Trump’s support was economic anxiety then people of color should be flocking to Trump, because black folks, for instance, are twice as likely to be out of work as white folks, three times as likely to be poor, have 1/15 the net worth, nine years less life expectancy in large part due to economic inequality,” he said.

Wise compares supporters of Trump to advocates of the Civil War who argue it was about states rights and not slavery. He mentions how many Donald Trump supporters say they like him because of his straight talking ways. But Wise insists that what Trump supporters are really saying is that they like his comments about Mexicans, Muslims, black protestors etc.

Apparently, if you’re a Republican who supports Donald Trump the only conclusion is deep seated racism. You can’t possibly have a mind of your own and have thought up an intelligent argument on your own. Unfortunately, what these liberals don’t understand is that every time they call Donald Trump a racist they are by extension calling his supporters racist. Now they’re blatantly calling them bigots and by extension pushing his supporters closer and closer to the very man they despise.

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