Feminist t-shirts ‘sweatshop’ row

An attempt to perpetuate the feminist agenda backfired when the fashion items that displayed the message “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” were found to be manufactured in a very non-feminist environment.

The t-shirts first gained widespread attention among crowds of clueless liberals last week after British politicians and celebrities sported the garb around town and on social media.

The overpriced tops sell for the astronomical price of $70 each which provides bloated proceeds to the feminist group promoting them, since the merchandise is made in a sweatshop factory in India by female workers who are only paid just under $200 per month ($0.40/an hour), the Daily Mail reported.

“The workers in this factory are treated very poorly and the fact that politicians in England are making a statement using these sweatshop T-shirts is appalling,” said Fayzal Ally Beegun, president of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Union.

A Whistles spokesperson told the Daily Mail they place “a high priority on environmental, social and ethical issues. The allegations regarding the production of T-shirts in the CMT factory in Mauritius are extremely serious and we are investigating them as a matter of urgency.”Liberal FAIL: These Products Prove How Greedy and WRONG the Left Is

The Fawcett Society, a feminist group who promoted the shirts, were originally going to have the shirts made at an ethical U.K. facility, but that plan changed and manufacturing switched to the India sweatshop. However, the group approved the plan and moved forward with the partnership.

Dr. Eva Neitzert, deputy chief executive of the Fawcett Society, maintained that “ethical standards” were being met.

“We have been very disappointed to hear the allegations that conditions in the Mauritius factory may not adhere to the ethical standards that we, as the Fawcett Society, would require of any product that bears our name,” Neitzert told the Daily Mail.

Liberal FAIL: These Products Prove How Greedy and WRONG the Left Is

The irony in this case runs deep, encompassing income equality, minimum wage increase, women’s rights, and capitalism. Who would have ever thought leftists didn’t practice what they preach? Liberals are allowed to do whatever they want at anytime. If you call them out for it, you are a labeled racist, sexist, homophobe, or a hater. So far, left-leaning media outlets are mute on this story.

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