LIBERAL Federal Judge: Throws Police Under The Bus, RAISES FIST And ‘Declares BLM Matters’

A Libtard Federal Judge named James Robart failed to support the Seattle police and instead supported Black Lives Matter. We all know that Black Lives Matter is a group of urban terrorists with no agenda other than to wait for a criminal to get shot by a police officer, then riot, loot, steal, and ruin neighborhoods.

Washington Times ran an article on James Robart and his black lives matter support, which is 100% nonsense.

He’s a clown and he’s on the BLM groin so bad he should wear knee pads.

liberal judge is a clown

Washtington Times – U.S. District Judge James Robart declared “black lives matter” in court Monday during a hearing on Seattle police reform.

Judge Robart, who is presiding over a 2012 consent decree requiring the city to adopt reforms to address federal allegations of police bias, rebuked the Seattle police union for holding up reforms as it bargains over a new contract, The Seattle Times reported.

The judge ended Monday’s hearing by citing a statistic that claimed 41 percent of the shootings nationwide by police were of blacks.

“Black lives matter,” he said, drawing an audible reaction in a courtroom, The Times reported.

Judge Robart added that the recent targeted shootings of police officers across the country signaled the importance of strengthening police and community relations.

The difference between white and black folks is that when a white criminal gets shot by police, we don’t care. We assume they’re guilty and probably deserved it. That’s what they get.

White people don’t defend criminals unless they’re a lawyer, which is OK, because everyone deserves a lawyer for their trial. As long as you don’t have a loser or liberal judge, then you’ll be OK and you’ll get a fair ruling.

Black Lives Matter’s biggest problem is that they’re defending scumbag lowlife criminals and acting like black people are the only criminals to get shot by cops. That’s not true. That’s not even close to true.

41% isn’t a high number.

Police across the country shoot more white people than anyone. If there’s a civil rights movement that needs to happen, then it should be #WhiteLivesMatter, but of course that would be called racist.

Black Lives Matter is the joke of the century. A modern day KKK with hoodrat dew-rags and red or blue bandanas instead of those goofy white cone hats.

Actually, I don’t even think the Bloods or Crips take the Black Lives Matter movement serious. The Bloods and Crips are serious business. You don’t mess with them or joke about it without one of them knocking on your door with an AK47.

But Black Lives Matter is just a degenerate gang of nuisances preying on dead criminals so they have an excuse to loot a Metro cell phone store or steal hair extensions from a salon in Milwaukee.

If black lives really mattered, then they wouldn’t put themselves in the position to get shot by the police. Just listen to a cop when they tell you to stop or drop a gun. It’s THAT easy.

All criminals get themselves shot.

All cops deserve to protect the innocent and themselves.

Black Lives Matter is a fraudulent movement based on protecting criminals, rather than teaching better behavior. They’re a joke and everyone knows it.

Judge James Robart should be ashamed of himself for promoting that nonsense and not suggesting that criminals stop breaking the law and start acting like decent human beings.

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