Liberal Lunatic Sets Himself On Fire To Protest Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump liberals have collectively gone absolutely crazy. Riots and protests in the street have been happening all over and people are not sure how to respond. Their reaction has has been nothing short of absolutely crazy. One Ohio man took it absolutely too far. The man actually lit himself on fire.

It wasn’t reported by the Akron Beach Journal. He was a man in a Marine Corps uniform who appeared to be a veteran who had a mental and physical breakdown over Hillary Clinton’a loss to Donald Trump.

The man is unidentified but it was reportedly he was sixty nine years old. Saturday morning he walked into a coffee shop in downtown Akron, Ohio. He had reportedly missed the anti Trump rallies earlier in the day and was asking patrons if they knew of anyon else who had heard of other rallies. That upset him so he ripped into them verbally.

When he was asked to leave by the staff of the shop he went into a rage and threatened them. He said,

I have a f*cking gun, you S.O.B., and I’m not afraid to use it.”

People tried getting away from him and he eventually left to protest Trump. When he had gone around the corner he grabbed a canister of gas from his car and doused himself! He set himself on fire! The man he had handed his phone to immediately took his jacket off to try and fan the flames. Other people came running with fire extinguishers to try and save the burning fan.

His clothes were almost completely burned off and his was curled up in the fetal position. He was taken to the hospital with severe burns and it is unknown if he survived the event. But other reports indicate he has.

Clearly he had some type of mental illness to be able to hurt himself that badly.

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