Liberal-Funded University Doesn’t Allow Jews On Campus


From Mad World News: The mainstream media is so fooled by Islamic propaganda that purports Muslims are the ultimate victims that they often sacrifice their unbiased reporting for clear Antisemitism.

Perhaps the topic closest to the heart of liberal journalists is the plight of the Palestinian people. Too often reporters fall for the ruse that Gaza citizens are victims of a genocide waged by Israel, and that Israel is an apartheid state that subjugates Palestinians to Nazi-like segregation. The only way these reporters are awakened is by their own field investigation.

One anti-Israel Israeli journalist had such an experience while reporting from the West Bank.

Birzeit University, which is funded by Obama’s personal friend and trustee George Soros, is a typical Palestinian university that doesn’t allow Jews on campus.

TheBlaze reports:

A leading Palestinian university in the West Bank funded by U.S. and European donors does not allow any Israeli Jews to set foot on campus, according to a reporter’s firsthand account.

Amira Hass, a reporter for the left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz, detailed her recent experience being asked to leave a conference at Birzeit University, located near Ramallah in the West Bank. Hass reported Sunday that she was asked to leave due to a university policy in place for the past two decades “stipulating that Israelis (Jewish Israelis, that is) are not allowed on the university grounds,” she wrote.

Hass herself has been highly critical of Israeli policy, and made news last year after encouraging Palestinians to throw stones at Israelis, calling it their “birthright.”

Hass had separate conversations with four faculty members who confirmed the policy, and she recalled being rejected in 1998 from an Arabic language course on campus to which she applied.

“It is well known that the university doesn’t employ Israeli Jews as academic staff, even from anti-Zionist left-wing circles,” Hass wrote. “The claim that the law applies to me because I am representing an Israeli institution is a shaky one:Palestinian citizens of Israel who teach at Israeli universities are not subject to the same policy.”

After the incident, Birzeit released a statement denying any discrimination, however, Hass claims she was told that her very presence, as an Israeli Jew, was illegal on campus.

Naftali Balanson, managing editor at NGO Monitor, told TheBlaze that Hoss’ story is “blatant anti-Semitism and a violation of human rights.”

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