From Mad World News: Many people seem to become increasingly bold while sitting a world away from those about whom they speak, all the while hiding behind their computer screens. In a recent incident, however, it seems that one “keyboard warrior” was delivered a dose of instant justice after telling an Army veteran – and Congressman – to “find a real job.”

It all began after The Washington Free Beacon ran a report on a series of emails released by an employee of WIOX Radio in New York. Apparently not to fond of Rep. Chris Gibson, he emailed Gibson aide Rebecca Shaw, saying her employer would soon be replaced by his Democratic competitor – but not quite as nice as that.

“Someday (hopefully) he will be replaced by Sean Eldridge,” the radio employee wrote. He then went on to express his frustration with Gibson’s military career saying, “Cool. Someday maybe he will find a real job like the rest of us and not live off the taxpayers [sic] money as he has done his whole life.”

The obviously ticked off employee eventually stated, “Someday (hopefully never) perhaps [Gibson’s] voting record will demonstrate that he really cares about the community and not play part [sic] politics.” Needless to say, on account of the reporting of The Washington Free Beacon, they have since announced the man was recently dished out his consequence – he was fired.

According to a statement released by the radio station:

[quote_box_center]On October 1st, 2014, WSKG became aware through media reports of an email sent to the Gibson Campaign from a WIOX email address containing a personal attack. On October 2nd, immediately upon identification, the individual suspected of writing the email was suspended, pending a complete investigation. We have apologized to Congressman Gibson through his office and the responsible party will be terminated. Although free dialogue and lively debate is an important part of our political culture, these statements clearly went beyond what is acceptable in the political arena and crossed over into the personal. For the attacks leveled against Congressman Gibson and his honorable service to the country, we again apologize.[/quote_box_center]

Why is it that those who sleep comfortably at night and boast of their right to express opinion however they see fit never seem to acknowledge who protects those rights for them? Instead, our brave men and women in uniform are treated as second-class citizens and inhumane murderers.

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