Liberal Governor to Obama: End Oregon standoff now! Obama Acts – Rancher Killed

It was only days ago that liberal leaders contacted the FBI Director and President Obama about the urgency to end this standoff.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown contacted President both leaders and asked “for a stronger federal response to the armed occupiers”, this was 3 days ago.

 She further stated “It is absolutely unacceptable for this to continue”

Furthermore, these facts are already being purged from the internet but we were able to pull them up on the internet archive site.

via WebArchive since the original article was taken down:

Gov. Kate Brown talked Wednesday with the director of the FBI and wrote letters that same day to President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch about potential ways out of the armed occupation in Eastern Oregon.

Brown briefed the president on conversations she had with federal officials, telling them the occupation must end “peacefully and without further delay from federal law enforcement.”

The letters, along with a strong statement she made during a brief press conference Wednesday, mark a new public approach from the governor, who called for a stronger federal response to the armed occupiers who, have been all but free to enter and leave the federal facility they’ve controlled since Jan. 2.

“Because this occupation has occurred on federal land, it is appropriate that the FBI and other federal law enforcement entities are the leaders on any response to it,” Brown wrote to Lynch and James Comey, the FBI director. “We appreciate the recognition of their responsibility in this situation.”

“However, for the citizens of Harney County and indeed all Oregonians, I must insist on a swift resolution to this matter.”



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As report from KOIN6:

Gov. Kate Brown said Oregon officials are cooperating with federal authorities about the militia standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but re-iterated her belief it’s time for the occupation to end.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for this to continue,” the governor said in a one-on-one interview with KOIN 6 News. “The very fabric of the Burns community is being ripped apart by this occupation.”

The Ammon Bundy-led militia took over the federal facility on January 2 in what they say is a constitutional and jurisdictional fight with the federal government over land control.

But the governor said it’s gone on long enough.

“The occupation has been intolerable for the residents of Harney County,” Brown said.

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