(FXC News) Nebraska High School has allowed their senior students to pose with firearms in their yearbook pictures.

On Monday, the Broken Bow Public Schools’ members of board voted. Board with the unanimous votes 6-0 ruled the order.
Students weren’t allowed to showcase drugs, tobacco or alcohol in the submitted photos.

FoxNews.com was told on Wednesday by the Mark Sievering, the Superintendent, “If they want to submit a picture for the yearbook of them trapshooting or with a gun of some sort, that’s OK.”

Hunting plays important part in that area, he said. “We are a rural community and a number of our families participate in hunting, fishing, skeet shooting, trapshooting — it’s part of life here.”

Students weren’t permitted to wield their weapon or point it towards camera in the photos.

“A student’s display of an interest artifact must be tasteful and appropriate,” reads policy obtained by FoxNews.com.
Policy further said, “A student should not submit a photograph of game shot by the student if the animal is in obvious distress.”

Sievering said that incident related to guns has never occurred in the school grounds. He has completed three years as superintendent.

He added that he would be shocked if approximately 65 graduating seniors from half of the districts would take new policy’s advantage.

According to his guess, only four or five students would be interested. Others might choose the extracurricular activity of their interest, as might some went for basketballs or footballs.

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