LOL: Video Compilation Of The Liberal Idiots Who SWORE Trump Could NEVER Win (VIDEO)

Last night was a historic statement from We The People to the DC establishment. The Hollywood and Media elite are completely beside themselves for this unexpected outcome. These Liberal pundits were so completely sure of the power of the Clinton machine that they swore Trump never had a chance. The best part is we have it ALL on video and it’s fun to watch. We start with Barack Obama’s confidence that Trump would never win.

Poor Obama will need the Heimlich as he chokes on his shortsighted words:

Stephen Colbert was so positive that Clinton would win that he scripted his entire LIVE election night show as a huge dig on the Trumps. Sadly for him… he was so way way off and so so not funny:

As a matter of fact by the end of the show things got very very uncomfortable:

And then there’s so-called Republican pundit Karl Rove. He appeared on MSNBC to be a media pleaser and swear the the panel that Trump had no chance. Start eating that crow sir:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos have lost all credibility as they talk like they think they’re the smartest political analysts out there. Today must be earth shattering to them to discover they they’re a couple of pompous dummy’s:

Communist News Network is shelshocked as they discover going all in for Hillary proved only one thing… they are not really a news network but a propaganda machine for the left:

And then there’s Bob Schieffer who claimed he “couldn’t find any Republican who thinks Trump can win.” Of course the ‘Republicans’ he interviewed were all a**hats for the Democrat cult made up of blinded Republicans XNeverTrump.

Even Fox News pundits jumped on the women hate Trump bandwagon saying that even conservative women wouldn’t vote for Trump. Well, Penny Nance… this conservative woman proudly DID with hundreds of thousands of other women. HAH!

Syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer on Fox News proved that he’s not as intelligent as he use to be by being absolutely certain his prediction that Trump could never win was right. Poor Charles… how does it feel to be wrong, wrong, wrong?

And then there’s nasty Ted Cruz. All you need to know is that before Senator of Texas, Cruz was a DC lawyer and consultant. And as you know a DC consultant or lawyer will insist on an untruth even if it misleads the people if it serves their personal interest:

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