Liberal Journalist Asks Why Trump’s Assassination Is Taking So Long— INSTANTLY Blows Up In Her FACE!

A so-called journalist for The Sunday Times named India Knight, put out a tweet that is abhorrent: “The assassination is taking such a long time.” There is little doubt that she is referring to President Trump. I wonder if the Secret Service has paid her a visit? I don’t know if this rises to the level of a direct threat, but if I were her employer and saw this, I would fire her on the spot. She deserves that much at any rate. I’m getting really fed up with these leftist media types going around opining that they want to see Trump dead. Words like that should have consequences.

I’m glad Wayne Dupree brought this to light. Everyone should see that this kind of rhetoric and behavior is being tolerated by the media. She’s had this tweet up for two days. It’s still there. She is proud of it and condones it. This is a woman who writes books and loves dogs… she also wants our President dead. Just evil. In the name of tolerance, she incites violence.

From Wayne Dupree:

India Knight, a columnist for The Sunday Times, tweeted “The assassination is taking such a long time.”


Although she doesn’t mention a name, who else would she be referring to other than President Trump?


If you take a look at the time she tweeted this, it was TWO DAYS ago! Yet her tweet still hasn’t been deleted as of Sunday, and the account isn’t suspended. Is Jack paying attention to this? Or is he just going to give another pass on this like he typically does?

And has Secret Service even seen this? The question is if any action from them have been taken from this tweet.

This is pathetic. Journalists calling for the assassination of Trump. And the scary fact is she isn’t the first one to do so.

Twitter users reacted.

This woman is unhinged. She claims every time Trump opens his mouth he is creating 100 more homegrown terrorists. That’s simply asinine. She should be ashamed of herself, but liberals never are. They don’t have the good sense to know when they’ve stepped in it. Or maybe she’s just doing it for publicity.

She would rather support Islamic terrorists who kill at will than a man like President Trump who wants to protect America from these animals. Priorities much? The soft bigotry of the left believes that words turn Muslims into terrorists. Their religion and hatred turn them into terrorists.

She’s not the first journalist to call for the President to be killed. The media has become the ultimate enemy within and an enemy of the State. Treat all these asshats accordingly.

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