Liberal Prick Took Advantage Of Kellyanne’s Kindness And Tried To Prank Her—She Gets The Last LAUGH! (VIDEO)

You have to wonder if there is anything between the ears of liberals sometimes. Their brain dead actions are the subject of public mockery for conservatives and this one is no different. For years the left and the feminists constantly have lied saying that conservatives are against women. Then when there is a successful woman on the conservative side they tear her apart faster than Bill Clinton tearing off an intern’s dress.

Kellyanne Conway has been under constant attack from the left and it is getting old. So, when one liberal lawyer attempted to prank Conway it was great to see her get the last laugh.

Alfredo Joseph Pelicci thought he was clever when he stood to pose with Conway for a selfie. As the video rolled, Pelicci instructed Conway to “Say” ‘I’m ruining America!’” Conway didn’t fall into his childish trap and fired back with, “Happy? You must feel really proud saying that,”

Watch the exchange here.

But, he was not done with his postings just yet. Pelicci must have been super proud of his asshat move and posted the video again on his Instagram profile.

Pelicci is a longtime liberal and that is confirmed when looking at his LinkedIn profile.  In 2008, this little prick worked as campus coordinator for the “Fairness for All Families Campaign,” which successfully persuaded “people voting against a harmful initiative denying protections to same-sex couples”. Pelicci also worked for five years with Equality Florida, the ” largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s LGBT community.”

Well, now he can add to his resume professional tool for his actions towards Conway. For someone that promotes love and tolerance he sure does not practice it. Thankfully though social media users stepped up to the plate and smacked this little piss ant back down to size.

I think Chrissie sums it up nicely.

Maybe Pelicci will rethink his actions next time, but if not we will be watching to smack him back down to size.

What do you think of Kellyanne’s response? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ BizPac Review]

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