Liberal logic! These cities are actually paying criminals not to kill with taxpayer dollars

To reduce violent crime in some of the most liberal and deadly cities in the country, local officials are incentivizing criminals with tax dollars.

San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami and Baltimore are just a few of the cities who are offering money to criminals so that they will not kill others, according to a report by the Washington Post.

Take for instance 21-year-old Lonnie Holmes from a neighborhood north of San Francisco. Holmes saw his cousins die in a street shooting and was also involved in a drive-by shooting himself.

Once Holmes was released from prison after being arrested for carrying an illegal gun, he was given $1,000 a month in taxpayer money not to commit another crime with a firearm.

In D.C., that same plan is gaining traction as a way to prevent gun crimes. The D.C. council has already approved the plan as the best possible way to respond to the area’s skyrocketing violent deaths that occurred last year.

Since the program began in 2010, cities across California have spent $70,000 a year on the initiative. The maximum allowable payment to a criminal is $9,000 if they cooperate for an 18-month plan.

via Daily Caller

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