Liberal Media Still LYING to Americans With FAKE NEWS! Look What They Just Said About Trump!

All of a sudden across the nation citizens are being warned by the media to avoid a dangerous threat to democracy and our way of life. It is not weapons of mass destruction or ISIS or Vladimir Putin that we must be frightened of this time, although Russia plays a role. The latest threat to our peace and safety is something called ‘fake news’.

Apparently liberals think that fake news isn’t something that has existed for as long as there has been news. They’ve invented it as a new issue to create yet another excuse for Hillary Clinton’s defeat (which is much easier than self-reflection), and to attack the political Right, as if most fake news isn’t from them.
This past election was “exhibit A” when it came to fake news from the Left. Trump wasn’t a serious candidate, they said. He’d never win the Republican primary, they said. OK – he won the primary, but surely he would never win the election!
Yeah, the Left was wrong about just everything. And now we get to hear the same people who got everything wrong about the election lecture us on the consequences of the national decision everyone else made.
Here’s just a showcasing of the “fake news” we’ve seen from the Left in the past few months:





And now Politico is reporting (and this is hilarious), that Hillary is the most admired woman in America.

President Barack Obama topped Gallup’s annual list of the men Americans most admire, while Hillary Clinton was named the country’s most admired woman for the 15th year in a row.

Yeah – sure. We’re supposed to believe Hillary is the nation’s most admired woman, and Obama it’s most admired man, and yet Hillary still lost the election? Yeah – right.

Most people outside the liberal-media complex see her for what she is: a deplorable.

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