BOOM! The Liberal Media Didn’t Listen And Now Trump Just Shut One BIG Network DOWN!

Just today the President released his budgetary blueprint. Despite the fact that Congress is the one who does the appropriating, liberals are going crazy with all the potential changes that have yet to occur. One of the new budget changes is the funding for the Public Broadcasting Corporation.

The new administration is looking to end federal payments towards the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This was announced by Mick Mulvaney of the Office of Management and Budget in the House of Representatives.

The hypocrisy of the CPB is the same the Democratic Party struggles with. They feel they are owed taxpayer dollars yet they only show the liberal sides of issues. Despite conservative taxpayer dollars paying their bills. They don’t even feel a responsibility to showcase another viewpoint.

Mulvaney said the following during a press conference on the new budget,

“We proposed ending funding, but technically what you’ll see—it’s an elimination—but you’ll see an amount of money in the budget, and it is some amount of money that’s necessary for us to unwind our involvement with CPB. So you won’t see a zero next to it, but the policy is that we’re ending federal involvement with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next year it might be zero, it may take a while to unwind that relationship, it’s just the nature of contracts.”

The CPB receives approximately $450 million each year from the federal budget. $99.1 million of that goes to public radio. That is a substantial amount of money. However, the Washington Free Beacon noted that CPB funding is done every two years so defunding would take longer than anticipated.

The left has used this public organization to perpetuate their liberal ideology all under the guise of being impartial and bipartisan when they are anything but. Which is the worst offense of all, hypocrisy. They will function perfectly fine without federal funding.

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