Liberal Media Whines About Unarmed Chicago Thug Who Was Shot By Police — Video PROVES It’s JUSTIFIED!


In Chicago, a dirt bag named Paul O’Neal stole a Jaguar. He then attempted to run over a police officer when they tried to stop him. Although department policy forbids officers from firing into a moving vehicle when it is the only weapon in play, officers had to make a quick decision. If they let him go, he could kill other officers or people – he’d already proven he was willing to kill one officer. In the end, the police chose to protect the public over policy and risk their careers to stop a murderous dirt bag. O’Neal was an unarmed teenager, but they had no way of knowing that at the time. Cue the whining from leftists, radicals and the media.

The first two officers fired at the vehicle. O’Neal then rammed the car into a second police car with bullets flying by him. Now, you have one set of officers firing at a suspect and the bullets flying at a second set of officers who they couldn’t see. Naturally, the second set thought the perp was firing at them. O’Neal exited the car and ran. A third officer gave chase and shot him in the back. O’Neal later died in a hospital.

From Blue Lives Matter:

Video Proves That Chicago PD Was Justified in Shooting at Paul O’Neal.

The footage of Chicago PD shooting Paul O’Neal has just been released by Chicago Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA.) The video sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the officer-involved shooting. Three officers in-total shot at O’Neal, but the officer who fired the fatal shots did so where other officers could not see him, and that did not have a body camera activated. It appears that the officer did not do anything to interfere with the camera, and they are investigating if it malfunctioned.

All three officers who fired shots have been stripped of their police authority and placed on leave.

The video starts out with officers chasing after a stolen Jaguar.

First Shots Fired at Paul O’Neal

Officers stopped their patrol car as the stolen vehicle came towards them. We can see that Paul O’Neal attempted to run over one of the officers, who barely escaped with his life.

Once Paul O’Neal attempted to run over the officer, the officers had probable cause to believe that O’Neal posed a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officers and others. If O’Neal was willing to run over an officer, then by allowing him to escape, officers would have allowed him to severely injure or kill other officers or citizens in the area. These officers had a duty to stop O’Neal, and they used the only reasonably effective tool that they had to stop him, their guns. Given the circumstances, it was legal and reasonable for officers to fire at O’Neal as he was fleeing (Tennessee v Garner.)

Unfortunately for that third officer, his body cam quit working. So, we don’t know if he gave warning as required before shooting. If he thought the suspect was trying to gain access to someone’s home, he wouldn’t need to warn him as that would pose an immediate threat.

In the end, the shooting looks justified, although the first two officers may be disciplined for shooting into a moving vehicle. There is no way to know how Internal Affairs will rule on the fatal shooting of O’Neal at this point. Frankly, I think they did the right thing and these officers did their job and carried out their duty bravely. I just hope that the higher-ups and the legal eagles think the same way. For an in-depth reporting on the shooting click here.


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