Liberal Mob Attacks Journalists, Police and Horses During Albuquerque Riot— WATCH!

Liberals are the only people who will preach love and tolerance as they’re punching you in the face.

We already reported on the treatment that gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos received when he attempted to give a talk at DePaul University last Tuesday. He was threatened with violence by two protestors, while he was prevented from speaking.

He wasn’t the only one feeling the wrath from the loony left on Tuesday night. As Infowars reports:

Anti-Trump rioters attacked journalists and police horses in Albuquerque during chaotic scenes last night, once again undermining the media narrative that Donald Trump is to blame for violence at his events.

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was hit by a rock thrown by one of the demonstrators outside the event as police used tear gas to clear the mob.

When Jackson attempted to confront the agitator, he ran away.

The tear gas was necessary because officers were also being pelted with rocks and bottles as they tried to protect people inside the Trump rally.

Here are some more videos of the insanity:

Great work guys – you’ve managed to convince thousands of the politically apathetic to cast their vote to Trump.

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