Entitled Liberal Makes BIG Mistake After Being Caught With Her Pants Around Down Her Ankles On Trump’s Golf Course

The absurdity of liberals never ceases to end. When they don’t think they have been ridiculous enough, they do something else even more ridiculous. It seems the President is once again being sued by someone who attended his golf course in Scotland. The case is just as ludicrous as it sounds.

The woman suing the President is Carol Rohan Beyts. She has a long history of public protests and displays of social justice. While she has not had success battling him in the past she certainly won’t anytime soon.

Beyts is suing the multi-billionaire claiming that employees of his golf course the Trump International Golf Club Scotland took photographs of her while she was going to the bathroom on the golf course.

She is asking for $3,742 in damages. The protestor publicly stated she is an opponent of the golf course. The worst part of it is that she is a sixty-two-year-old woman and grandmother. Trump attorney Paul Motion made it known she has been protesting the Trump golf course since its inception and even created a Facebook page to try and besmirch its reputation.

In court she said,

“I just squatted down in the dunes. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I hadn’t done anything wrong in my book. I had done what I always did when I was out and needed the toilet.”

Allegedly an employee was driving by on a staff golf cart and stopped to take pictures. Beyts maintained the employee and herself exchanged a few kind pleasantries. But just a few days later she was arrested for public urination.

Between 2011 and 2015 over three thousand people have been arrested in the United States for public urination. In 2014 over eight hundred people were cited for it. Some people have been put on child molester registers for it. Aberdeen called this situation one in which,

Circumstances as to cause, or to be likely to cause, annoyance to any other person.”

The golf course is contesting the lawsuit because it has no basis or grounds. Just because you don’t like the President does not give you permission to piss on his lawn and defile private property. Somebody needs to find more to do with their time.

Trump should maintain the lawsuit just to prove a point. Considering all the money and lawyers he has all he would have to do is put her into the poor house prolonging the battle. It would serve her right for this tasteless display of vulgarity.

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