Massive Difference Between Liberal Parenting vs. Parenting BRILLIANTLY Spotted At Inauguration…

This is the perfect example of how parenting differs between liberals and conservatives. It’s stark and painful. The children who were brought to watch President Trump were happy, well-adjusted children. They were respectful and proud of their country. In the below video, you will see a boy of about ten who is proud of burning something to do with Trump. He told the Fox interviewer, “Screw our President!” I’m sure his parents are really proud of him. No really, they were probably nearby doing something similar. Just reprehensible.

The parents of the child who hates Trump are raising a social justice warrior… a radical who wants to burn it all down until Marxists are fully in control. I call that child abuse. Today should have a been a day that every child learned about at school and at home… a day they learned to respect the new President of the United States… a day of pride. But no. For many it was a day to show their children how to hate the President and America. SMH.

From Young Conservatives:

A young goofball was interviewed on camera shouting “screw our president!”

He’s clearly a social justice warrior in training, raised by hyper-leftists.

Here’s a clip of a 9-year-old boy acting 100% more classy, while showing pride in his country and our new leader…

Here’s the clip of the disrespectful kid…

Can you guess which child was raised properly?

The difference in how conservative children act vs. liberal kids is blatantly obvious.

Whether people choose to believe it or not, today is a great day for the country.

Time to move forward.

Time to make America great again.

We are raising professional snowflakes who are going to be forever confused and infuriated by what is going on around them. They will feel everything is due them… that they should not have to work for anything or be responsible for their actions. This is the liberal mindset and it is poison.

Conservatives don’t live like this. Their children for the most part are told that they are responsible for their own lives and how they turn out. They are taught manners and respect. They are taught to love their country and President. Conservative children also learn that things don’t always turn out the way they want and that all opinions matter. Above all, they are taught about the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. And most are instilled with a deep love for God, country and family. These are the fundamental differences between the left and the right. Our children are a perfect example of that.

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