Liberal Piers Morgan Explodes On Muslims ‘F*** These Murdering, Cowardly B*****ds’


Like they say: a broken clock really is right twice a day.

We’ve all learned to hate Piers Morgan over his absurd comments on gun control. After any public massacre involving guns, it’s always the fault of the guns, not the perpetrator. Since the recent terror attack in Nice, France was carried out in a truck, Piers was kind enough to actually blame the perpetrator for his actions for once.

As the Daily Mail reports:

So this act of despicable atrocity is not just an attack on France, it’s an attack on all of us who care about freedom.

As I write this, hard facts are still being determined about exactly what happened in Nice, and why.

But it is logical from what we do know to conclude it was perpetrated by another crazed, lone wolf assailant in the name of ISIS.

It has all the hallmarks of those medieval monsters: a creative new eye-catching method to murder lots of people, the choice of an easy well-populated target, and a staggeringly callous disregard for human life.

He also had some advice for President Obama:

He did manage to soil this brief encounter with reason however, Tweeting out…

Wow – so in a country with 350 million people, more people were killed with guns (two thirds of which were suicides) in a 24 hour span than were killed in a single location with a single truck in the course of minutes.


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