Liberal Politician For Muslim Migrants Learns BIG Mistake Too Late After Finding What’s Left of His Daughter

It is always those who choose to bury their head in the sand about the realities of the world who have reality smack them in the face. An official from the European Union had his daughter murdered and raped by an Afghan asylum seeker. The courts just decided he will be tried as an adult after he lied about being a minor. His name is Hussein Khavari and his victim was nineteen years old.

Maria Ladenburger lived in Freiburg, southwest Germany and was viciously attacked last December. The perpetrator lied and said he was seventeen because the maximum sentence would have only been ten years in jail if he was found guilty.

But the prosecutor’s office found that he was twenty-two years old when he committed the crime. Maria ironically worked volunteering with asylum seekers and her father was the legal advisor for the European Commission in Brussels.

Both dedicated their life to helping other people, asylum seekers no less, and yet they were targeted by one of them. Police were able to link his DNA to evidence from the crime scene. Khavari had been here since 2015 when he arrived as an unaccompanied minor.

The attack itself was vicious. Maria was ambushed while riding a bike home from a party. He raped her and then drowned her in the river. Khavari refused to be allowed to be interrogated by forensic medical experts. Now he will be charged as an adult. This means he could face a life sentence.

Maria Ladenburger

His prior record includes throwing a twenty-year-old student off a cliff in Greece back in 2013. He had received a ten-year sentence for that. His victim identified him and survived by some miracle of God. Nobody knows why he was freed other than that he was placed inside a juvenile detention center.

Rightfully so, German authorities have criticized Greek authorities for failing to let them know of this man’s past before allowing him into their country. As he would not have been allowed on. He deserves to have the keys thrown away and to be locked up.

This is tragic for this girls family. But there is an immense amount of tragic irony in a man who spends his life trying to open his countries borders to asylum seekers having his daughter murdered by one of the people he has tried to help let into the country. He learned a big mistake and it was far too late.

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