Watch What This Liberal Professor Does To a Soldier Sitting In First Class on a Commercial Airplane!

This is sick!

With each passing day, more evidence mounts suggesting that liberals truly are the most vile people on the face of the planet. These morons not only hate America and everything it stands for, but have zero respect for our troops and the men and women who continually sacrifice so they can run their fat ungrateful mouths. While we’ve grown accustomed to their antics for the most part, what one liberal professor did to a U.S. Soldier while on an airplane will make you absolutely lose your freaking mind.

Liberal loudmouth college professor George Ciccariello made headlines for his shannengins back in December of last year, when he tweeted out that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide.

The associate professor of political science has previously made remarks to “abolish the white race,” claiming that the slaughter of around 4,000 whites throughout the Haitian Revolution was a “good thing.” But the Drexel professor’s hate isn’t just limited to white people as you will soon see. He also has a boner of hate for our Soldiers as well.

While on a recent flight, Ciccariello became annoyed that someone on the airplane had given up their seat for a Soldier, where he instantly went into a seething rage, taking to social media to vent to his army of hateful followers:

The backlash against the liberal moron was just as fast as it was furious. One Soldier in particular immediately began to blast Ciccariello over his comments, giving the professor a brutal lesson on respect suggesting that professor is just a little “b*tch” and lives in jealousy for not being a real man.


What a piece of fecal matter this professor is. The entire reason he’s able to spout off and run his fat mouth in the first place is BECAUSE of our veterans who have fought to preserve the rights we enjoy here in America, including the right for these brainless anti-American retards to run their ungrateful pie holes.

Hey Ciccariello…if you hate our country so much and what it stands for, pack your freaking crap and move to the Middle East! I’m sure you’d have quite a bit in common with the people over there. They despise our Soldiers just as much as you do!

H/T [Daily Caller]

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