Liberal Protesters Rioting In The Street Get BRUTAL Surprise From Pissed Off Patriots — Trump Approves!

Perhaps the most counter-intuitive protests that far-left imbeciles embark on is blocking off highways.

What benefit is there in blocking off traffic aside from annoying people? Do they think someone is actually going to rush out to join their cause after being stuck in traffic for four hours? Of course not – even people who AGREE with them are sick of it. You don’t have to dig deep on YouTube to find footage of black people flipping out on Black Lives Matter protesters blocking off streets, or people simply driving through their human blockades.

Let’s not kid ourselves: who hasn’t watched footage of a highway being blocked off and not thought to ourselves that we’d be among those who simply drove through?

Well, lawmakers are among those who feel the same way. It’s not your job to pay with your time for other people’s insanity, after all.

As the Conservative Daily Post reported:

Driving a car is a serious responsibility. Drivers must at all times remain cognizant and aware of their surroundings, careful not to cause harm to themselves or those nearby. While some accidents cannot be avoided, protesters have done a great job lately at increasing the odds for motorists.

If the driver hits the protester, should the driver be responsible for that?

Now, several states are starting to say no.

These states are considering bills that would target protesters deciding to block and disrupt traffic. Indiana Republican state Senator Jim Tomes proposed a measure calling on police to use any means necessary to disperse crowds that block traffic, while another Republican in North Dakota, Keith Kempenich, proposed a bill that would stop a motorist from taking punishment should they hit a protester.

As is to be expected, civil rights groups say that the bill sponsors are really seeking to undermine protesters. I guess if you consider creating a human fence across a highway as “protest,” then they’re guilty as charged I suppose, but that’s hardly a big deal.

As long as protestors stay off the highway, they won’t run into any problems.

Meanwhile, we’re confident that President Donald Trump would agree with the law. Maybe he can take this to a Federal level…

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