LIBERAL UTOPIA: 36 Shot and 4 Killed In Gun Free Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend

If gun control worked, Chicago would be a paradise. Unfortunately, reality isn’t optional, and the world doesn’t work the way liberals think it does.

While Rahm Emmanuel kicked of a “Put Down the Guns” initiative ahead of Memorial Day weekend, criminals apparently didn’t get the memo. I suspect these are also the same criminals who don’t respect gun control laws.

While the initiative had the goal of going 24 hours without gun violence, they didn’t come close, and the carnage continued into the weekend. Thirty-six were shot Memorial Day weekend, and four were killed. As the Young Conservatives report:

Abe Simmons sat down on a bus bench at the corner of Chicago and Leclaire late Saturday, watching as police worked one of dozens of shooting scenes that played out across the city over the holiday weekend.

Chicago’s ghost shooters—charged in only 26 percent of the city’s homicides last year—wreaked havoc on summer’s unofficial kickoff weekend, a three day period that saw at least 36 shot and four killed by Sunday morning, according to the Chicago Tribune. There have been more than 1,400 shootings and nearly 300 homicides in 2016 so far.

“I’m tired of this s—. I’m tired of this city, man,” Simmons, 36, said. “It’s f—ed up, man.”

The country wants to know why. Media descends on holiday weekends to track the violence and attempt to put it in perspective. But for many in Chicago, the mayhem is simply a part of life.

“This is every day in Englewood,” said Terrell, who declined to give his last name, at the scene of a homicide on the city’s southwest side Friday night just down the street from his new home.

The father of two young girls came to West 75th place—a quiet block of stout brick bungalows in a neighborhood where many police officers live—from Englewood, one of the city’s most violent areas. He moved in Friday and was watching a body being pulled from a car Friday night.

“This makes me think twice,” he said.[…]

Chicago can solve this problem. Rahm Emmanuel will just have to swallow his pride and admit that the Left is wrong on crime.

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