Liberal Writer Bashes ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle, Highly Likely He’d Never Say in Front of Any Navy SEAL


Max Blumenthal, author and senior writer for, is under fire after he recently bashed “American Sniper” Chris Kyle as “another mass murdering sniper” in a series of controversial tweets.

Most of the tweets were sent out on Dec. 26, but he also resumed criticizing the late Navy SEAL on Tuesday, claiming he was the “perfect recruiter for ISIS.”

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Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck responded to Blumenthal’s incendiary comments on the air Tuesday, asking, “How dare he?”

“Equating one of our greatest heroes to a mass murderer who went on a shooting, killing spree in D.C. and killed ten innocent people — how dare he? And on Christmas Day, when you think about Chris Kyle’s family, his wife, his young children, having to face this assault even on our military,” she said.

Kyle and fellow veteran Chad Littlefield were gunned down by Eddie Ray Routh at a secluded Texas gun range in February 2013. Kyle’s autobiography, “American Sniper,” has been made into a Hollywood production produced by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper. The film is currently out as a limited release and a nationwide release is set for Jan. 16.

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