Foreign Policy for Demmies


Liberal pacifism and overused diplomacy empowers Islamic terrorism. This is a historical fact. Former president Bill Clinton had many opportunities to prevent 9/11. US counter terror organizations were weakened by Clinton’s liberalism. Our military, the FBI, and CIA were all substantially underfunded, putting American lives in danger. The attack at the World Trade Center, US embassy bombings in Africa, U.S.S. Cole bombing, and the Khobar Towers bombing, should have been a fair warning of another attack on American soil. Under the Clinton Administration, those attacks were not enough reason to use full military force against Islamic terrorism.

Untitled-1Similar to Obama, Bill Clinton underfunded our military and used the same old liberal logic of politicizing foreign policy, instead of using military force. In 1997, Bin Laden publicly announced al-Qaeda’s holy war and jihad against the United States. Bill Clinton did not believe the Islamic jihad against Americans was a real threat. Clinton failed to protect Americans because liberals are essentially anti-military and don’t believe international terrorism is a real threat to Americans. Pacifism is politically acceptable for socialists on a never ending campaign for their voter base.

After the years of Clinton’s politically correct pacifist diplomacy, George Bush became president with very little time to clean up Clinton’s counter terrorism negligence. After the first 9 months of George Bush’s Presidency, the failed and neglected counter terrorism policies from Clinton took it’s course. Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York.

History is already repeating itself. It was Bill Clinton’s negligence with counter terrorism that led to 9/11. The Obama Administration’s funding and arming of our enemy is a direct violation of American Rule of Law. Obama has armed and funded al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria and Libya.

ISIS is a serious threat to the United States and Israel. This is the starting point of the next terrorist attack on American soil. Obama’s national security team are a national disaster. Overall, it’s obvious when liberals are in control, their pathetic foreign policies are a threat to Americans. Now is the time to stock up on food, water, and ammo. Don’t rely on the federal government to protect you. Well, unless you voted for Obama.


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