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Following the election of Donald Trump, the narrative of an epidemic of “fake news” quickly emerged. It’s not hard to see why.

The media in its entirety absolutely despised Donald Trump – and he still won. How could they explain away his victory aside from competition from media that couldn’t possibly be as reliable as them?

In reality, people simply woke up to the B.S. that the media was spinning. If you want proof that “fake news” for those in the liberal media is synonymous with nothing more than “conservative news,” (unlike “CNN” for the rest of us). Just take a look at who the “experts” consider fake news.

As Right Wing News reported:

Harvard University, a.k.a. snowflake central has just established a research guide on fake news. It just so happens that all of those identified on their fake news guide happen to dozens upon dozens of respectable conservative websites…and they are being described as “unreliable” or “fake”.

The Daily Caller, for instance, is labeled as being “political,” “clickbait,” and having “bias,” whereas The Daily Kos is labeled as “political” “clickbait,” yet is considered “credible.”

Several other influential conservative outlets are included on the list of potentially fake or discredited sources, such as Independent Journal Review, Newsmax, Conservative Review, and The Washington Free Beacon, though none of their liberal counterparts, like Vox, Slate, or Buzzfeed, are on the list.

In fact, the word “conservative” appears 19 times on the list while the term “liberal” appears only 4 times.

Even if you consider the sites above to be sensationalist (and Newsmax, Conservative Review, and the Free Beacon seldom are), that hardly makes them “false.” Maybe “disagreeable” is the word they were looking for.

You can view the full list here.

Hilariously, websites like The Onion, Andy Borowitz’s column, and Clickhole are listed as “fake news,” when everyone and their mother understands that they’re satirical.

And of course, Freedom Daily gets an honorary mention. Thank God they didn’t forget us.

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