Liberals Are PISSED After Finding Out HUGE Honor Trump Was Just Given— Here’s Why Liberal Media Is REFUSING To Report It!

Remember when Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize within months of taking office? None of us could figure out what the Prize exactly was for, except for not being George W. Bush.

Never before did a Nobel Peace Prize winner allow a terrorist group like ISIS to take over the Middle East…. or bomb another Nobel Peace Prize Winner (a “Doctors Without Borders” hospital).

Maybe the Prize Committee is now thankful that we have a President who isn’t Barack Obama in the office now – because Trump’s name is now on the list of candidates.

According to Liberty Writers News:

President Donald Trump has been nominated to get the Nobel Peace Prize for his “peace through strength ideology,” according to AFP. Trump’s nomination was reported last Thursday by foreign media.

“A near ­record 318 people and organisations are in the running for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Institute said on Thursday, the motley crew believed to include Syria’s White Helmets, Donald Trump and Pope Francis. The names of the nominees are kept secret for 50 years, but those entitled to nominate candidates – including lawmakers and government ministers, former laureates and some university professors – are free to reveal the name of the person or group they have nominated…”

Where have you seen this one reported in the mainstream media? Most have ignored it, because they wouldn’t dare even consider Trump could be the next Nobel laureate.

Personally, I think they should wait until Trump has more of a track record before giving him a Nobel. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing just about nothing – we should have higher standards.

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