Liberals Are Trying to Silence This “SNL” Veteran Over What She Said About Islam [VIDEO]


Saturday Night Live alumnus, turned Tea Party activist, Victoria Jackson recently had a run-in with liberalIslamapologists (as Allen West would call them) at a Vanderbilt University demonstration.

Following the recent radical Islamic terror attack in Paris, a professor at Vanderbilt wrote an op-ed for the Nashville newspaper that many on the left decried as “hate speech.” Specifically Dr. Carol Swain, professor of political science and law, wrote in The Tennessean that the Paris attacks prove that critics of radical Islam are right.

A demonstration was immediately organized by student groups against the professor, and anyone else who dares to speak out against the “religion of peace” that beheads those who disagree with them. Jackson attended to support the embattled professor and interview attendees for her website, according to WND.

At one point Jackson tried to take the stage to defend the professor and freedom of speech, but she was shut down by the university.

“They silenced me today at a ‘tolerance’ rally where they were attacking their own Prof. Swain for writing an op-ed in The Tennessean that was inconsistent with their liberal propaganda. That is not education, that is brainwashing,” Jackson said on her own website after the event.

Jackson notes how the protest was organized by the Muslim Student Association, a known and named front group for the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood.  She also noted how she was followed around the event by one particular woman, who was telling students not to talk to Jackson, while Jackson was trying to do impromptu interviews with them.

“There was nobody to tell the other side,” said Jackson, “on a college campus, under the guise of a rally against hate speech in the Tennessean.”  She added that the attitude at the rally was, “If you don’t support Islam, you’re a hater.”

Jackson said she took to the stage when she realized nobody was defending free speech or the Constitution.

“All I wanted to say is that Shariah cannot co-exist with the Constitution,” she told WND. “The Constitution says I can criticize Muhammad.”

That is when the speaker system was turned off, while Jackson was still speaking.

Jackson summed up the entire situation by saying, “Dr. Swain, a 16-year professor at Vanderbilt, was hired when she was a liberal. A few years later she became a Christian, then a political conservative, and the university has been attacking her ever since, trying to silence her, like they did to me today.”

Victoria Jackson should be commended for standing up for free speech against the censorship imposed by radical Islam and political correctness.  Thankfully, there are still people with the gumption to do so.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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