Liberals’ SICK Plan Of Attack On Ivanka Just Backfired BIG Time When Their Attempt To Take Her Down Went Horribly Wrong

Who knew that love trumping hate would be so hateful?

Those who won’t hesitate to accuse Donald Trump of racism, sexism, or any other form of bigotry are quick to become the bigots they claim to hate when it comes to Trump and his family.

Any Republicans who would attack Barack Obama’s family (especially his daughters) would rightly be roasted for hitting below the belt (and some have been for doing so), but Trump’s family is fair game, apparently. Ivanka Trump has been singled out as a target for her political opponents to boycott, though it’s pretty unclear how many people were purchasing Ivanka Trump brand products prior to her father’s campaign.

And how has that gone for them? If Ivanka hadn’t been notified that there were boycotts against her, it’s unlikely she would’ve ever noticed. According to the Gateway Pundit:

Ivanka Trump’s eponymous women’s fashion line is reporting record sales figures despite calls for a boycott and controversies surrounding President Trump.

“Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, the president of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand, tells Refinery29 in an interview published Tuesday. “For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”

This jump in sales follows Nordstrom announcing that they would no longer be carrying Ivanka’s products, which they maintain was due to a lack of sales, but others viewed as politically motivated.

Either way, Nordstrom dropping the product, and related protests have clearly driven attention to her brand, and brought in plenty of new customers she wouldn’t have otherwise received. Nordstrom is probably kicking themselves for dropping her products right about now.

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