Nasty Liberals Attack Trump Jr’s Daughter After New Pic Emerges And Everyone Sees What He Let Her Do

The liberals just saw something they couldn’t possibly handle. It was REAL FAKE NEWS posted by Donald Trump Jr. that included his nine-year-old daughter doing something that would cause everyone to have a conniption. She’s holding money, not stealing money, at the Treasury building.

Trump Jr. posted the picture and people freaked out. He even told everyone it was a joke. It was fake news. It was just for laughs. Clearly, a nine-year-old in the Trump family doesn’t need the money. She’s already loaded and doesn’t even know it.

Unlike the Obamas and Clintons who might be the types of people who could overcharge for a speech or spend more money than we can count on a massive trip to Hawaii, this little kid holding wads of cash wrapped in plastic surely doesn’t need any of it. Don’t forget, she’s nine years old and loaded like a Kardashian (smarter than all of them too). People have been freaking out over a nine-year-old holding money as if the Trump family was walking out the door with it. The Trump family doesn’t need to skim a little off the top when their bankrolls are so big they can’t even reach the top of it. But it’s 2017 and liberals can’t take a joke, don’t think anything is cool, and lose their barely functional mind over everything. They literally make themselves victims over everything. I can’t imagine what headline the leftists are turning this into.

Here’s this guy’s reaction. Doesn’t seem like many people cared about his Tweet. I know I don’t care about it.

Donald Trump Jr joked that Trump’s grandchildren had been caught ‘stealing from the Treasury building’.

The President’s eldest son posted a picture of his nine-year-old daughter Kai holding what appeared to be stacks of dollar notes in her arms.

He captioned the shot: ‘Kai is enjoying her tour of the US Treasury in Washington DC a bit too much.’

Referring to the Trump family’s strained relationship with the media, he added: ‘Headline: Trump Grandchildren caught stealing from Treasury building. #ItsAJokeGetOverIt #preempttheoutrage #fakenews#maga #trump #treasury #joke’.

It’s sad that we now have to notify people that certain things are fake or a joke. Back in the day people knew what was real/fake because they had a sense of humor and some working brain cells. Nowadays you’ve got people who can’t figure out their own gender, so if that’s hard to do – imagine what it’s like when liberals get on social media and think everything is to be taken literally.

Newsflash. There are only two genders and your gender comes with whatever is in your crotch at birth. And, Trump Jr’s kid doesn’t need all that money. She is probably worth more than whatever is in that pile anyway.

If she wants to some Treasury money our way, we will happily accept it and buy some premium cut steaks with it. Take a bite out of freedom if we don’t mind.

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