Liberals Beware: The Reason This Latina Supports Trump Might Give You A Heart Attack! (VIDEO)

This is unheard of!

Considering the backlash of hate Trump has received from the Hispanic community, it’s quite a thing to see when you find someone within that community who supports Trump. This is one Latina who has shown she not only supports Trump, but genuinely believes he is the answer!

Her name is Miriam Cepeda, and her love for America runs strong at just 24-years old. She’s a huge part of a very unlikely group of Trump supporters being that she is Latina and from a much younger generation…

Cepeda’s support runs thick as she even campaigns for him at the University she attends. The University of Texas located in Rio Grande Valley.

Speaking of where she lives, here’s an interesting fact:

Miriam Cepeda lives not too far from where Trump has vowed to the American people that he will be building his wall, right there along the South Texas border.

Pretty crazy, but what I’m about to tell you, will blow that right out of the water. 

Cepeda is the daughter of an undocumented immigrant.  This fact is mind blowing for more than one reason, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Despite having an undocumented immigrant as her parent, Cepeda told CNN that she very strongly agrees with both Trump’s immigration and border security policies.

“I first hand have seen … friends that are getting involved with illegal activity that’s associated with drugs or human trafficking,” she said. “It’s an issue that people need to realize is reality.”

Can you imagine how unpopular this young supporter of his would be among other Hispanics who don’t see eye to eye with her?

“I get shot down maybe four (out of) five times,” she said. “But at the same time, it just takes one positive feedback to keep you going.”

In her interview she also gave us a little insight to what Hispanic citizens are experiencing through this whole ordeal.

Cepeda claims that Hispanics who are legal citizens grow more conflicted everyday and their patience for the undocumented immigrants grow very thin.

Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to work your own ass off to support you and your family, while illegals get everything handed to them in a pretty bow, signed: Obama’s America Welcomes You!

Miriam Cepeda, you are a diamond in the rough. Carry on.

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