Liberals Bitch to NPR That Cooking Other Culture’s Food is ‘Racist.’ Wow…

Everything is cultural appropriation these days (WATCH: College Employee Assaults White Student… For ‘Racist’ Dreadlocks). Turns out even cooking food that doesn’t belong to your culture can be a slippery slope. So NPR asked, “When is it okay to profit from cooking other culture’s food?

Twitter’s trusty band of SJW’s trotted out the tired old answer they always do: it’s not okay if you’re white.

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This question is hilarious to us normal folk. The answer is simple: you can make money cooking whatever you want… so long as it’s passes health inspection. Naturally, this eliminates a litany of Chinese restaurants. So goes life. I still stand by my hard and fast rule: if your food won’t cause dysentery, feel free to make millions of culturally appropriated dollars off of it.

Also, notice how nobody bothers to bring up the quality of the food? The most important part! You’re telling me that these people would intentionally choose a crap quality meal prepared by ‘authentic’ hands over a delectable dish crafted by white people?

Obviously, white chefs aren’t the only ones creating masterpieces out of cuisines that belong to another culture. There are plenty of Asian donut shop owners. Heck, the food you love from your local take-out Chinese joint is probably made by Mexicans. I don’t care that Jose’s from the wrong continent, his Kung-Pao is the bomb.

Why is this something that we even have to discuss? Nobody is seeking to oppress minorities with their tamales. There is literally no victim in this entire practice, only benefactors. Chefs aren’t seeking to stomp out diversity by adopting a diverse menu. And unless you invented the tamale, you don’t own a patent on it. And if someone does, just whip up a chimichanga. It’s all the same thing.

Via Louder With Crowder

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