Stupid Liberals Sit In The Street To Block Traffic Outside Trump’s Hotel, Get NASTY Surprise They Didn’t See Coming!

Liberals squatting in the street to block traffic were shocked with a nasty surprise that could last a lifetime. You may have been hoping for a video with protesters being run over, but that’s in another finely tuned viral article.

This particular protest wasn’t annoying like a Black Lives Matter protest in the sense there was people being violent or causing chaos. These folks were peacefully blocking traffic. However, anyone who blocks traffic is an annoying sack of you know what. That’s why these folks were still dealt with by police.

Cops showed up and arrested them. Now these protesters who think they can block traffic and annoy everyone in their city will possibly live the rest of their life with something on their criminal record. Was it worth it to sit there like an idiot because you’re mad about who the President is?

Gothamist reported that the rabbis protested by blocking traffic on Central Park West outside Trump International Hotel and Tower. The NYPD was eventually forced to step in and arrest 20 of the protesters at around 10:30 pm, charging most of them with disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic.

Peace, love, and Torah are fine, but you can’t block traffic. Thank you for being peaceful, civil, and kind – the complete opposite of Black Lives Matter. I’m sure residents appreciate that, but laws are laws and blocking traffic is against the law. I’d like to say it’s also against unwritten rules of common decency. No decent person blocks OTHER decent people from getting by. Anyone who blocks traffic because they’re angry with the President is not a decent person.

What’s wrong with surrounding Trump Hotel and Tower on the sidewalk? You’ll still have mass amounts of people. You’ll get news coverage. You won’t get arrested.

I guess people who were born with no common sense are simply fit to become liberals as adults. I see no other reason for this stupidity other than they sadly lack the ability for rational judgment and clearly have no common sense.

When you block traffic, then NO ONE listens to you. Ever.

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