Liberals Boycott Bakery After They Post ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign… But Look What Happened Next


As Reported by Top Right News:  The sign on the front door of this Ohio family bakery states things as plainly as can be:


“Notice: This store is politically incorrect,” the sign reads. “We say Merry Christmas, God bless America, we salute our flag & give thanks to our troops, police officers and firefighters. If this offends you, you are welcome to leave. In God we trust.”

A photo of the sign hit the Internet this week, and its unapologetic, pro-American message began going viral Friday.

Liberals across the internet reacted angrily, with some saying it was “offensive” to non-Christians, and racist against the “Black Lives Matter” movement by praising police without recognizing their “victims of color.”

Some liberals said they would be organizing a boycott of the Springfield establishment…and even took aim at the bakery’s reviews on Yelp.


Others showed their support:



“We didn’t do it for the publicity,” Katelynn Jackson said during a phone interview. “It was just to prove a point.”

But she and Cheyann Price, another clerk on duty Sunday, both said that they received “several harsh phone calls” from customers who said they would never come in again.

They didn’t know what to expect.

So what happened this weekend, four days after the story went viral?

Jackson said their business doubled. “We had to bring in part-time staff to deal with the rush, and now we will likely be hiring some new people full-time.”

Looks like the silent majority came through for them…big time.

And through it all, it’s clear the sign at Schuler’s is driving home one important point: “We still live in America,” Jackson said, “and we’re standing up for what we believe.”

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