WATCH LIBERALS FREAK After Learning This Group Is Set to Be The LARGEST Demonstration at The Inauguration

Inauguration Day is going to be very large, and a day that nobody can forget. Both pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups are finalizing plans to come to Washington D.C. to either partake in the festivities or protest them. The women’s march is set for January 21st.

Estimates for the march are approximately around 200,000. Organizers are bragging about the fact they believe the number of protesters will far outnumber the people attending the Donald Trump inauguration.

However, Bikers For Trump might actually foil their plans. Chris Cox who is the founder of the bike group looking to go and support the President-Elect had to get into a nasty and long drawn out fight with the National Park Service in order to get the permits they needed. The argument for heated because the service had already given the allotted number of public space permits to anti-Trump groups.

Cox alleges that around 5,000 bikers are looking to gather at the Capitol. Which would make it the largest pro-Trump rally that has been put together by a private group in the inner city over the weekend. They called it a halftime rally. Cox insisted they are looking to host speakers as well as ha musical performances at the John Marshall Park. This is all on the parad route near the Capitol Building.

A lot of these motorcycle clubs are clubs out together by veterans and older baby boomers who bike as a hobby. Some of them include professionals and weekend warriors. Not criminal gang members like some would try and stereotype them as.

Cox does not foresee there being issues with his planned events and he said as much,

I’m confident the police have learned from Arizona, Chicago and a lot of other places where things got out of hand. I think it will be a lot like Cleveland and they will have beaucoup police presence.”

It surely will be entertaining to watch.

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