After Liberals Fight Migrant Ban, Look What Sick Thing 300 Refugees Were Just Caught Doing In America

After Liberals Fight Migrant Ban, Look What Sick Thing 300 Refugees Were Just Caught Doing In America

Yesterday Donald Trump unveiled a renewed travel ban, improving upon the one that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals previously struck down.

There are a number of other major differences between the original and revised executive orders.

Iraq is dropped from the list of banned countries (while Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and Iran remain). Additionally, Christian refugees no longer receive priority, likely because of Court objections that the original order discriminated again Muslims.

Trump also faced criticisms that he was discriminating against Syrian refugees, so the revised ban imposes a temporary halt on ALL refugee admissions. And it’s a good thing, because as Jeff Sessions noted when defending the revised order, there are 300 refugees currently being investigated by the FBI for connections to terror.

As Hannity reported:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking in to the suspicious activities of up to 300 refugees currently residing in the United States.

Speaking to reporters Monday, a Department of Homeland Security official said this was ‘an alarming number’, and that there are currently over 1,000 investigations in to domestic terrorists and those inspired by ISIS.

The FBI refused to offer specific details on the investigations, but added that these are individuals “who either infiltrated with hostile intent or radicalized” after arriving in the US.

And that’s not all.

The official who quoted the “300 terrorist refugees” figure said this was “truly an alarming number,” and added that there are also approximately 1,000 investigations into potential domestic terrorists inspired or motivated by ISIS.

Anyway, the order takes effect March 16th, and will impose a 120 day refugee ban. Brace for liberal meltdown.

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