BUSTED! Here’s What 5500 Liberals Are Planning To SET ON FIRE During Inauguration Speech

Anti-Donald Trump protests and riots are alive and well, especially with Inauguration Day being today. New reports indicate there will be 5,500 joints in the crowds of the inauguration. Now they are saying that if the Trump administration does not show a truce being offered prior to inauguration start they will light them all up as his speech begins.

These people are marijuana activists with DCMJ who is responsible for the successful push in Washington D.C. for marijuana legalization. The past few weeks were spent rolling marijuana joints. All awaiting anyone from the Trump administration to say they would work towards legalization.

Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions made it very clear that he would reserve the right to ramp up the war on drugs federal agencies have which includes the war on a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. The Trump ministration has barely uttered a word about legalizing marijuana. In an email newsletter from Thursday afternoon the DCMJ wrote the following,

“Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything from the incoming administration about cannabis reform, so the Inaugural #Trump420 is still happening.”

Nikolas Schiller is the confounded of the DCMJ and actually spoke to TIME Magazine. He said the joints will be passed out and lit up at exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds into his inaugural speech. Indicating he does not feel this is an anti-Trump protest.

Anyone over 21 can pick up the joints beginning at 8 am in the DuPont circle district of the Washington D.C. metro area. Participants were encouraged by the organization to have their matches or lighter ready for the light up.

Marijuana use in Washington D.C. is legal but not on federal property. The national mall is federal property and this is where the inauguration is going to take place. Schiller reported to TIME the following,

The act of nonviolent civil disobedience is to break a law that they wish to change,” Schiller told TIME. “The smell can go around and people can know ‘oh those people are demonstrating the importance of cannabis legalization.’”

Yet another anti-president protest. They are going to have to stand in a long line.

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